Books in the Pipeline

It's been a while since I posted, and even then that was my first post here! The book is coming along, currently with an editor, and looking at release early 2019. Book 2 of the series is eight chapters under way, so shouldn't be too far behind. I'd like to build the following of this page, so have started reading other's new releases to review - here, and on other platforms, but here in particular to try and increase their following, and mine. Let me know, by using the contact button if you have a book you'd like me to…Read More

Who is J L Park?

Who IS JL Park?I'm a 36yr old female in New Zealand, mother to two wonderfully cheeky children, wife to a lovely woman who puts up with me on a daily basis.  And, an author. Between raising our children together, somehow I found the time to write a book and study for my Post Graduate degree.¬†Why write? I always have. It's only taken me 36yrs to be brave enough to put it out there in the world. I guess it probably started out a little dark, which I wasn't sure I wanted the world to know, including my family! Then, I…Read More